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Essence Bottles

Welcome to Luminesce

Crystal, Gem & Flower Essences have been used for centuries...

Essence Bottlesbecause of their powerful vibrational healing properties.

Vibrational Essences may be used to complement any therapy
method or practice.  For the individual, they are amazing tools
for self-healing and transformation.

Contact us to inquire about how to use crystal, gem and
flower essences to enhance your practice or daily life.


Current Specials & Promotions

Essence BottlesTo learn more about how to use the Living Light Essences
we are offering a special on our 8-CD Audio Seminar -

The Essence of Vibrational Medicine©.
Normally $175, this special offers it to you for $75,
while supplies last.


Are you a practitioner?

Essence BottlesContact us for information about wholesale prices,
and our partnership and affiliate program
We would also be happy to advise you as to how
best to use our Essences to enhance your practice.


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