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An Interview with Bram Zaalberg, creator of the Bloesem Remedies Nederland (Flower Essences of the Netherlands), at the International Flower Essence Conferences in Brazil, 2004:


Bram Zaalberg

Bram Zaalberg, the creator of the Bloesem Remedies Nederland, is a very intuitive and sensitive flower essence practitioner, teacher, producer and distributor who has been making wildcrafted and organic essences of the highest quality since 1986. These powerful and dynamic essences are prepared live using vibrant organic flowers and plants, certified-organic brandy and pure spring water since 1986.




  • Can you tell us how Flower Essences The Netherlands started and what your intentions were?
I made my first "flower" essence in 1986 and I had no intention to start a company in distributing essences. It all started when I was out walking in a swampy area not far from the place I was living.  I came upon a small mushroom. The mushroom actually called out to me. I could feel it attracting me but I continued walking. But after I had met this mushroom a few more times the call was persistent so, I decided to go and sit down and make contact with it. It told me it wanted an essence to be made just in the same way as a flower essence. This was the beginning of our relationship and after some time it indicated the right moment for making the essence. At the beginning of 1990 we had seven essences some of which had been made with the help of my wife and friends. We had been using them for our clients and ourselves when a lady called us from the other end of Holland and said she had discovered with her pendulum that we had other remedies that we had not included in our catalogue. Since 1986 we had been distributing all sorts of flower essences in Holland, but not our own ones. This lady asked to have our seven essences, so that is how it started. Very soon more people were asking for them and we began making labels and printing information leaflets. At the World Flower Essence Congress in Victoria, Canada, 1991, I started distributing them to a wider public. I was surprised by such an enthusiastic response and I sold all of the essences I had brought to the congress.
  • How well are "Flower Essences The Netherlands" doing in Europe and what sort of expansion have you been having?
I have never made much effort to get them known as I have always felt that if someone needs our essences they will find them. We have, however, been to several flower essence congresses in Germany and France for instance, and know that people love the essences not only in Holland, and on the continent of Europe, but also in Australia, the U.S.A., Belgium, France, Sweden, England and Bulgaria. The demand for the essences is so great that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with it. My wife Miep, me and my daughter, who also makes the essences are allowed to do the preparation of the mother essence, made in nature, to stock dilutions. This is because we are in contact with the over-lighting beings of the plants, the flower devas, and it is important that we alone do this work to obtain essences that have a deep effect. Preparing essences like "Terra" demands a lot of work as the 5 essences are put in one by one in a specific order, and being very popular, 100 bottles can sometimes go within a few days. This is particularly so for Belgium, England and France where "Terra" has given very good results and is much used. We have also noticed that persons, who use the Bach remedies exclusively, are prepared to make an exception for "our" essences. Most persons who have been working with our kit of twelve have started working with the new research essences too. We have a strong heart connection with all our essences.
  • What do you think the next steps for flower essence therapy will be on a world scale?
As you must be aware, flower essence therapy is continuing to spread throughout the world. When we begin to understand, even just a little, of what flower essences are and how important they are for the world, they will bring about a greater change and healing for our planet. A person who is taking flower essences is changing and healing him/herself, and as the outer world is the reflection of the inner-self, the outer world will change and heal too. If you stop and think for a moment just what this implies, each and everyone of us has a connection to our inner Nature, but most of the inner Natures of mankind are hidden, very well hidden or lost in the post so to speak. If trees are dying all around us, and only a small part of the rain forest remains, this mirrors back to us that we must connect once more with our inner Natures and make sure it is a deep connection. By doing this, the outer reflection returns to us, and in this way, we can change the world. But to be able to do this we need essences with a strong penetrating quality that goes to the heart and people who respond consciously to them. More and more remedies will be made, but not all will address to these deep levels. This is just like relationships. A relationship with ten different people in one day can never go to any depth. So systems that produce many essences in a year cannot obviously work on a deep level. As they will have only a superficial effect, people will slowly begin to look for deeper qualities elsewhere.
  • Will the integration of conventional medicine and the use of flower essences continue to grow in the years to come?
In the last few years we have seen medical doctors taking a greater interest in flower essences.  There has been a big change since I started working with flower essences in 1979. The problem with classical, conventional drugs is that they don't heal. They sometimes give a bit of breathing space, but the problem has just been displaced. You see, with flower essences we acknowledge the link between body and soul and that they directly influence one another. If you don't admit this connection you will never find the answer to a disease. The disease is only the effect and we have to look for the cause at deeper levels. One of the principal natural laws is the law of cause and effect, which is at work everywhere throughout nature including the human being. With flower essences we start working on the cause and, unlike the doctor who sets out to cure the patient, we give importance to the patient's understanding of how he or she created the problem and so put the accent on curing one's self. One thing we will have to be careful about in the future is to make a clear distinction between flower essences and homeopathy. Flower essences are not homeopathic medicines, because they do not work according to the laws of homeopathy. If you are treating someone for fear, you can balance it with its opposite quality and use a flower essence for example, for courage. Should you use this essence on a healthy person who does not have this problem it will not produce the problem as you would with a homeopathic dose. This homeopathic method of using a "healthy" person for discovering the effects of homeopathic medicines is not at all the same and is one of the main ways it differs from flower essence therapy.
  • So, what effects can we observe when we use flower essences?
The initial effect will be to bring balance to the main problems. Taking the same essence some time later it will work on a deeper level of our being into which we have pushed away our problems and stored them. Starting to work with flower essences on a deeper level is a bit like peeling an onion. As you peel away one layer after the other you have to cry. When one layer is balanced you go on to the next one you are conscious of and so on until you get to the last layer. If you had balanced out problems in the past with conventional or homeopathic medicine without being consciously aware of their cause at the time, the problems will surface again. This time you will get the opportunity to learn your lesson and begin to understand how you created this problem for yourself. What we are doing here is rather like recycling old garbage, clearing out things we have been storing, sometimes for many years.
  • You give great importance to intuition and the feelings in your teaching and work. Why is this and what is your intention when you work like this?
I first met flower essences in 1979. I was connected with them, because I could feel the essence I needed. I picked up an essence and I felt an electric shock in my hand, which ran up my arm. The pain in my arm was there for a full week. But I didn't know what the flower essence was or what qualities it had. Only by reading the information did I get an overview about certain "negative" aspects of my being. This was a very convincing introduction to flower essences and to their active power. When I teach about flower essences it is very important for me to get the students themselves to feel the essences or flowers. If you can really feel the essence you will never forget it. Some people are very good with words and descriptions and can write very nicely but if you accept the words as being true, you should realize it is only half of the truth because the only experience that counts is your own experience. Otherwise you are simply adopting what another has told you.

Another important thing when using flower essences, is to be able to feel the changes the essence brings within you because the only experience you carry with you through life is what you, yourself, have been able to feel and to integrate. Experience based only on what someone else has told you is not worth very much. By using your feelings and intuition you start developing more of your consciousness and a greater sensitivity to things than you can ordinarily have with your five senses. This gives you the capacity to go to a much deeper level with your clients and rather than staying on a superficial level you find you can understand why your client needs a certain essence and on which level it will work on his/her consciousness. By choosing your essences with your intuition and feelings you will also see and understand other levels at which the essences work. You can use your feelings in all kinds of situations and learn to feel energies that you can't see with your eyes. What you can compare for example are two flower essences, which are made of the same plant family, produced by different companies. These essences, are made in different places and at different times, by different people. You can feel the energies coming from the bottles and observe the impressions they make on you by testing one at a time you get another type of information than is written about them. It is amazing how different the same essences can be. In fact it is impossible to make exactly the same essence, each flower being connected with the stars and their movements and cosmic energy. The time of their birth being different, you will automatically get a different essence with some other qualities. If we have to make a flower essence a second time because the first batch is finished we have to get back in touch with the plant and establish a new deep contact. The challenging thing then is to make the essence with a yet higher and deeper quality. By feeling energies we can also tune into the qualities that emanate from all the remedies of a particular producer.
  • What are the specific differences between Flower Essences The Netherlands and the other flower essences being produced today?
Each system has its own qualities and these are dependent on the people who produce the essences which also have qualities related to the country and region where they are made. Holland, for example, is under the astrological sign of cancer, so you can expect to find the sensitivity that goes with this sign in "our" essences. But my own work as a healer and teacher is also connected with the essences, and they have been very present, helping me to find my way in this work as an educator of consciousness. We receive a lot of information about how effective "our" essences are and what I have just said about feeling the essences gives a more complete picture of their qualities. Of course, trying the essences is also important. If you're not sure which one to choose you can start with "Terra". "Our" remedies work at a very deep level and are best suited for people who are willing to work on a more profound and spiritual part of their being. It is not always easy for the person who makes this choice but if you are willing to make real changes you must be prepared to go to these depths. But there are also essences that help in the work of transformation. As Beings of Light they guide us and help us to carry this Light wherever we go. In fact these are the qualities of the Rode Bosvogeltje (Orchid) essence. Another great helper in spreading the Light is the Clematis essence which has a new quality of bringing us out into the world, listening to our feelings with love in our hearts.

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