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Bloesem New Times Essences Set

New Times Essences picture

The New Times Essences Set now includes 12 essences, which may be purchased individually or as a set:

  • Pear Flower Essence
  • Cell Energy Essence
  • Earth Protection Essence
  • Corncockle Flower Essence
  • Earth Creation Essence
  • Round-Leafed Wintergreen Flower Essence
  • Angel - and Lemurian Portal Essence
  • Earth Vortex with White Angel Essence
  • Children's Vortex Essence
  • Angel Portal Essence
  • Divine Angel Essence
  • Divine Heart Essence

(Please note that the old set of seven New Times Essences is no longer available.)

The New Times Essences were created by Bram Zaalberg to deal with all the changes humanity and the earth are going through at the moment.  The changes in consciousness of these new times often happen so fast that most people's experience of them is not pleasant.  Some of the consequences of this are: a disturbance of balance, fatigue, confrontations, and the general feeling that you do not fit in your body properly.  To assist you in restoring balance again you can take some of the New Times Essences, new essences that are still in development.

The first essence to be made in this series of 13 essences was the Pear essence, the second was Cell-energy, the third Earth-protection, the fourth Corncockle, and the firth Earth-Creation.  The first three essences are for stabilizing consciousness during the changes, while the Corncockle and Earth-Creation are essences are to help you come into your power. 

Pear shows you, by increasing your faith in yourself, how persons and the whole are in reality.  It stabilizes the heart and gives inner certainty and trust.  Cell-energy is a bypass for the mind.  You do not have to clean up all your old issues, you can act directly from your original source.  Earth-protection strengthens the green protection and green energy of the earth, in which everything that a person tried to do to you is reflected and you are included in the protective energy of the earth.  Corncockle stimulates you to go searching for your centre, and bypass all the disturbing influences.  It lets you go straight forward.  It makes things clear and helps you go the way from the heart. When you add up the qualities of these four essences you end up at the new essence, Earth-Creation.  This essence was made from a power place in the north of Sweden during the 8-10th of August, 2008.

A description of each essence is listed below.  You may also click on the name of the essence for even more detailed information about it.


Pear Essence

Pear Flower

 PEAR - Pyrus communis hybride

The Pear essence is made without picking the flowers. When the pear blossoms are about to open, a glass bowl with water is placed on a branch of the pear tree and the flower buds of the pear are bent into it to touch the water.  They stay in the glass bowl for a period of seven days and seven nights.The flowers open inside the bowl and stay in it until the flowering of the tree is complete and the Angel of the pear tree is totally manifested into the tree.

The Pear blossom essence gives balance and takes care that you stay close to yourself. It strengthens your inner power and security. It gives you trust in your inner world and therefore you can release the things in the outside world that you put too much trust in. The Pear also gives you the insight that the way you think about persons and situations doesn’t always have to be true. You can also take the Pear during pregnancy, when you get out of balance because of all the changes in your body. The Pear also gives you the connection with the earth when the frequency of the universe rises. So you keep the balance between below and above, matter and spirit, heaven and earth. The Pear feeds you and strengthens the love for yourself. It opens you for the new, and gives you the insight how to manifest yourself.

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

Price: $13.00  CAD

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Cell Energy Essence - Luminesce



The Cell-energy essence reconnects the cells again with their original structure. It brings you back to the original frequency of the cell and it brings the inner cell of human/animal in harmony again with their original task on earth, without having to clear all the old emotions. This essence is like a spiritual bypass. It helps you start doing what fits you; helps to solve blockages; brings you into your power, beyond everything, back to the source and from there you charge yourself again and start finding your own way.

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

Price:  $16.75 CAD

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Earth Protection Essence - Luminesce



This is a new essence. It is made, among others, from Smokey quartz, Himalaya quartz, Emerald, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Malachite, Garnet and the flower essence of Motherwort. The Earth-protection essence helps to protect against the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attacks on the energy of a person. Especially the kind of draining that consists of “low” earthly energy. The flower essence Protection works from the spiritual and higher consciousness attacks, the area of the crown and higher. But the Earth-protection essence strengthens the green protection  and the green energy of the earth, whereby everything someone tries to do to you is reflected and you are assimilated in the protective energy of the earth.

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

Price:  $16.75 CAD

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Corncockle Essence - Luminesce


CORNCOCKLE  - Agrostemma githago

Corncockle essence brings clarity and encourages you to follow the direction of your heart. It helps you to assimilate unknown chaotic emotions, and let’s you make a vision quest to your center, passing by all disturbing influences. It supports you in standing strong for yourself and not giving in. It gives the insight that if you want to move on, the growth and development of the consciousness is necessary. Helps you to release feelings of revenge and opens you for the higher consciousness of forgiving and love. There is one certainty and that is that you are a child of God (the universe). When you have lost faith in your life, in the world, in humanity, Corncockle brings you back to a state of purity.

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

$13.00 CAD

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Earth Creation Essence - Luminesce



The Earth Creation essence gives peace and faith to be, without struggle, to stand in your power without pain and to give you deep roots to complete your incarnation on earth. She brings humans to a new level of understanding.  Initiates a cycle of healing of the human race that begins with a true expression of love, the opening of the heart and the search for real healing in yourself. Earth-Creation helps you to release what is not important for the fulfilling of the unique roll of man in the universe and lets you descend to the earth to a level of totality, to go back from there to the level of the angels, to be healed after a long search for the original source.

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

$14.50 CAD

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Wintergreen Essence - Luminesce


ROUND LEAFED WINTERGREEN - Pyrola rotundifolia

This flower essence helps you with the digestion of nutrition from the earth and it keeps you going on, while you drop everything that does not belong to you. The Wintergreen essence gives you self-confidence and makes you aware of the fact that you have many more qualities in you than you show. It puts you in your own power and because of this you can release old, unprocessed emotions. It lets you move on, helps you to expand and have faith in yourself, so that you can bring out the qualities that you have hidden deep inside.

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

$14.50 CAD

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Angel and Lemurian Portal Essence - Luminesce


ANGEL- AND LEMURIAN PORTAL - (with the orchid Cephalanthera rubra)

The Angel & Lemurian Portal essence goes to the origin of who you are, beyond the limiting codes that keep you in old structures. Transformation takes place because you open up to the source of Higher knowledge. When you have the feeling that you can’t go on, can’t take the next step, and are running round in circles, this essence opens your connection with the angelic world and aligns you with the wisdom and knowledge of Lemuria. This essence also transforms the old grief that blocks the step to the new. It strengthens your connection with your angel/guidance/higher self, so you can clearly follow your path

10mL / 1 oz stock bottle

Price:  $16.75 CAD

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New Times Essences Set (12 Essences)


  • Divine Angel - $20.15 CAD
  • Earth Vortex with White Angel - $20.15 CAD
  • Children's Vortex - $20.15 CAD
  • Angel Portal - $20.15 CAD
  • Divine Heart - $20.15 CAD

New Times Essence Set

A complete collection of all 12 essences from the New Times series.  (Please note that the old set of seven New Times Essences is no longer available.)

  • Pear
  • Cell Energy
  • Earth - Protection
  • Corncockle
  • Earth Creation
  • Round Leafed Wintergreen
  • Angel and Lemurian Portal
  • Divine Angel
  • Earth Vortex with White Angel
  • Children's Vortex
  • Angel Portal
  • Divine Heart

12 x 10mL / 1 oz stock bottles

Price:  $165.00 CAD

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