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Welcome to Living Light & Luminesce!

LUMINESCE (formerly Living Light Inc.) is the developer, producer and distributor of the Living Light Essences - a series of dynamic crystal and gem essences, and the Living Light Rainbow Essences - colour, crystal and gem combination essences.

The Living Light Essences

4BOXESThe Living Light Essences are a series of dynamic and highly effective vibrational gem and crystal based essences that have been used by a wide variety of health professional around the world since 1996.  The Living Light Essences are part of a model of holistic health that is designed to empower individuals on their journey through life.  In this new paradigm of healing, where the emphasis is placed upon the choice of the individual, by focusing on what we want most in our lives right now, we automatically begin to move towards greater wholeness. 

Through the principles of resonance, the Living Light Essences may be used to strengthen our positive qualities and characteristics, and help us achieve a state of consciousness, health, and well being that is truly reflective of our own higher nature.  They may be used as tools for healing and transformation by individuals who wish to make changes in their lives, resonating with the higher universal spiritual principles and qualities of life - love, truth, wisdom, joy, compassion, forgiveness, peace... 

In addition, the Living Light Essences are designed to assist in addressing the root causes of conditions and symptoms - the limiting attitudes and belief systems, the emotional, psychological and spiritual patterns of our past, and the dynamics that perpetuate discord and illness in our lives.  We believe that all forms of illness and dissatisfaction with life ultimately stem from these dysfunctional energy patterns, which do not resonate harmoniously with our innate inner wisdom and truth, and interfere with our harmonious resonation with the world around us.

The Living Light Essences are also based on the principles and qualities of the Seven Rays, the seven different spiritual pathways for us to experience life.  They represent the total experience of a specific force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which the force exhibits.  There are three levels of essences representing each Ray - a Gem, an Archangel, and a Divine Flame.

"Depending upon the different rays will all have the same goal, make the same experiments, go through the same experience, and arrive equally at divine expression.  However, their qualities and their modes of approach, their reactions and their distinctive natures will differ according to their ray type."  ~ The Rays and the Initiations. Alice Bailey

A bit of our history:

For those of you who have been familiar with our gem essences for some time, we've been through a lot of changes!  The Living Light Essences were created by Jeff Binder and Rachel Finney in 1996.  Since then both Jeff and Rachel have had periods of time when they have stepped out of the essence producing world for a while.  After jointly running the company for five years, Rachel took some time out to pursue other interests and her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  From 2001-2006, Jeff ran the company by himself, until he became heavily involved in creating a new organic beauty products company.  In 2006, Jeff passed the essences back to Rachel, who created her own company, LUMINESCE, to takeover the production and distribution of the Living Light Essences.  Beginning in December 2008, Rachel created a new series of gem, crystal and colour-based essences called the Living Light Rainbow Essences

Luminesce continues Living Light's tradition as a world-class provider of exceptional quality gem essences and systems for using essences for both individuals and professionals. We've had a lot of experience within the field of vibrational medicine, and strive to provide our clients with only the very finest products, support, training and great customer service. All of our gem essences continue to be made by hand to preserve the vibrational quality of the essences.  The gems, minerals and crystals we use to make the essences are natural and real, not synthetic, and have never been heated or treated, providing our essences with the purest vibrational frequencies.  For the most part we use whole, uncut crystals, gems and minerals to create our essences.

In our research and work with our gem essences we have developed a number of new ways of using essences holographically and in a similar manner to music.  We teach a comprehensive Healing System that uses essence sequencing, called the Living Light Healing System©. This system is a modular and goal-based system for health professionals who wish to work with clients in a goal-oriented manner, and to focus on healing root causes and patterns, not just symptoms. The Healing System is taught in our Level 2 and Level 3 seminars.

Originals vs. Pros:

In the past Living Light carried two different series of essences - the Original Essences and the Pro Essences.  Please be advised that there is now only one series of Living Light Essences.  We now expand ALL of the Living Light Essences in the same manner that was used to enpand the Pro Essences


Bloesem Remedies Nederland -organic and wildcrafted flower essences of the Netherlands


LUMINESCE is also a distributor for Bloesem Remedies Nederland - Flower Essences of the Netherlands, a wonderful line of wildcrafted and organic flower essences. Made by long-time flower essence therapist, sensitive, author and renowned flower essence teacher - Bram Zaalberg, the Bloesem Remedies possess a quality that is more pure and subtle than most other flower essences. Bram uses a technique for making flower essences with living plants, rather than ones that have been picked in the traditional way.  This method captures the living essences of the flowers and plants used in making the Bloesem flower essences.   The results from using this technique gives the Bloesem flower essences a certain subtlety and smoothness that is sometimes missing in other flower essences.

To learn more about the Bloesem Remedies please click here...

We hope you will take the time to discover what an incredible difference gem and flower essences can make in your life and your health. Please do not hesitate to contact us, with any questions you may have.


Thank you for visiting Living Light & LUMINESCE!