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Home » Flower Essences » Bloesem Remedies Netherland (Flower Essences of the Netherlands) » The Preparation & Use of Flower Essences

The Preparation of Bloesem Flower Essences

Pear blossem in round bowl

All of Bloesem Remedies Nederland essences are prepared by the following methods:

The mother essences/tinctures of the Bloesem essences are made of spring water and the living energy of healthy plants. Organic or wild-crafted flowers are picked by hand, using the leaves of the plant to avoid them being touched by hand, and put into a bowl with spring water.  However, if it is possible for the structure of the plant, the flowers are bent over into a bowl of spring water without being picked and their essence is transferred live. The bowl of flowers is then placed in sunlight for 3 or 4 hours. All of the flowers are then removed from the bowl of spring water.

The spring water in the bowl is now infused with the energy or pattern of the specific flowers.  This infused water is put into glass bottles with the addition of pure organic brandy, which is used as a preservative. The dilution is half part infused flower water and half part organic brandy. This is called the mother essence or mother tincture.

From this mother essence the stock bottles are made. A 30mL stock bottle is prepared from organic brandy, with a total of 7% alcohol and spring water. To finish the 30mL stock bottle, 2 drops of the specific mother essence are placed into the bottle, with love and care.


How to Take the Bloesem Flower Essences

The Bloesem essences are sold as 'stock' bottles and should be diluted to a 'dosage' bottle before using.

The preparation of a dosage bottle of the flower essence goes as follows: take an empty, clean glass 30mL bottle with a dropper, put about 1 cm.(1/2 inch) of alcohol (brandy, gin), vegetable glycerine or vinegar as a preservative and fill it up with spring or distilled water. From each of the stock bottle(s) of the essence(s) you plan to take put 2 to 4 drops in the filled dosage bottle. Write the name of the essence(s) on a label and put this on the bottle so that you will remember which flower essence(s) you are taking. To get the best result it is preferable to take not more than four flower essences at one time.  Always shake well before using. The dosage bottle is now ready for use.

The best way to take the Bloesem essences is to take 4 - 6 drops from the dosage bottle 4 to 6 times a day.  Take 4 to 6 drops of this dilution with the dropper from this dosage bottle and put them under the tongue. Do not touch the dropper with the tongue to prevent contamination. It is important that you take the essences several times a day, for example in the morning when you get up, before meals and in the evening before going to sleep. A few drops works better than a large amount in one time.

If you have a consciousness crisis, occurring as an aggravation of the emotional complaints, you can hold the bottle in your hand. When you calm down after that you can take the essences more often, 4 drops 12 times  a day and even (when necessary) every 10 minutes. If you get restless reduce the amount to 2 drops 2 times a day. If this still doesn't give the desired result, you can start taking the essence(s) directly from the stock bottles. In this case you take at least 2 drops 2 - 4 times directly under the tongue. In emergency cases it is also possible to take an emergency essence like TERRA or PROTECTION. It is best to put 4 drops in a dosage bottle, and take it as needed.